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I am Cecilia Fernández, Photographer Lover

I was born in Bolivia, but the last years of my life I have been from all over the world… and I want to continue having the feeling that I am from places that I don’t even know where they are. I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life… and therefore, I have done several things to end up doing the first thing I always wanted to do.

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The desire to leave my country and see new places made me go to Universidad Austral de Chile and study a career that gave me the opportunity to travel. So I arrived in Valdivia and studied Tourism Business Administration… Over time, many jobs, lot of mistakes, wedding and some visited places, I arrived in Madrid and took the opportunity to fill myself with art by taking an specialization in Museography, which re-born my passion for photography (passion borned in my adolescence when I remember looking for classes or someone who could teach me how to frame, reveal and put my soul to what I saw with my eyes, through a camera) And so, in Madrid, I took photo classes in some institutes and with some renowned photographers to begin and launch myself into the photographic world.

4 years later I fulfill one of my dreams of living in Africa and my great change of life begins in the country of Mozambique, where I do purely social photography work through NGOs that latter immersing me to a more intimate Mozambique and made me discover the pleasure that it gives me to portray people and making photographic reports. This led me to collaborate in photographic projects that develop awareness of human rights, health and empowerment of WOMEN and children.

In 2012 I returned to my country, with a new partner, carrying two babies and many experiences, but as always wanting to continue learning about photography, therefore I continued my training with portrait specialists and other photographers of which I always try to absorb their great teachings and shape them to my style of seeing things…

The 2013 “Studio Parallax” was born, along with another photographer, dedicated to advertising fashion and portrait photography.

But it is in 2016 that I decide to do things by myself and jump into the void alone. So I created my own “Cecilia Fernández Fotografía Studio”, dedicated to photographing people, especially WOMEN, for magazines, newspapers, companies, NGOs and others.

Working in Aveiro, Portugal

In 2019, following the correct decisions for a better, healthier and more balanced future for my children, and because I can´t stay in a place for more than few years… I moved to Portugal and started my work in the city of Aveiro.


2011 “Ao teu encontro Moçambique” Maputo, Mozambique

2012 “Estamos Juntos” La Paz, Bolivia.

2016 “Miradas de Mozambique” Palladar.Rest-Bar. La Paz, Bolivia.

2017 “Embarazo Adolescente” by Save the Children. Cochabamba – Bolivia and others.

Most Important Photography Works

My photographs have been published in several magazines, newspapers, blogs, posters and others. The most important:

2010-2012 Book “Omitted. Mulheres with obstetric fistula in Moçambique” by WLSA and ICFJ “International Center for Journalists”. Maputo – Mozambique

2014-2016 DXT and DXT MUJER Magazines. Covers and reports to people from sports and business La Paz- Bolivia

2018 -2019 Sunday Magazine Rascacielos published by the newspaper Página Siete, with covers articles and portraits.

30/06/2018 photo-reportage “Disabled” in Tages Anzeiger ZOOM der FOTOBLOG. Zurich – Switzerland