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China Morena

Photo session with David Aruquipa, better known as “Danna Galán”, wearing a “China Morena” costume that was used in the past for the carnival of Oruro in Bolivia. The aesthetic revolution of transvestites in the world, inspired by the vedettes of the 70’s, urged the bolivian transvestites to change and break molds even in the carnival balls, punctually in the China Morena (character of the famous and traditional dance “Morenada” in the Oruro Carnival)

At first it was a dance of them alone, and they always being known for their risky dresses, they climbed the skirt length, they increase the height of the boots…, until 1974 when the prohibition came for them to participate in the carnival, so that gave rise to the entry of women to this dance.

After a while they could dance again, over time the costume have been transformed following this initial contribution, as it remains in the memory that this carnival character was always represented by homosexuals.